Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Silchar offers B. Tech. , M. Tech. , and Ph. D. programs. The details of the courses are given below,


The B.Tech Programme consists of 8 semesters and is a professional engineering degree affiliated with and awarded after completion of 4-years of extensive/vast engineering study and research. Mechanical engineering students will learn about basic engineering techniques, like other engineering students, during the first-year course, which includes Engineering Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, and basic Mechanical Activities (Welding, Fitting, Carpentry, etc.), Engineering drawing and Basic Programming. From the second year, they are exposed to core Mechanical Engineering subjects like Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Manufacturing Technology, Heat and Mass Transfer, Machine Design, Internal combustion Engine, Automobile Engineering, Instrumentation and Measurement are few to mention. This program is one of the most popular and demanded courses, not only in India but in the world.

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Sl No Program  NBA Accreditation Status
1 B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering Accredited till 30.06.2028 (06 Years)


The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers M.Tech programs in 5 contemporary and state-of-the-art specifications. The programs are designed such that a student can complete them based on advanced coursework and extensive laboratory sessions. The standard M. Tech. is a two-year program, where the first two semesters are spent doing courses. A one-year project commences at end of the 2nd semester. The project typically has a strong research component relevant to contemporary research and Industriels needs.

Specialization Timeline of the Programs  NBA Accreditation Status Course Overview and Course Content
Thermal Engineering Started in 2004 with 18 seats Accredited till 30.06.2028  Course Overview   Course Structure
Design and Manufacturing Started with 20 seats in 2008 Accredited till 30.06.2024 Course Overview  Course Structure
Materials and Manufacturing Technology Started with 10 seats in 2013 To be accredited Course Overview  Course Structure
CAD-CAM and Automation Started with 10 seats in 2013 Accredited till 30.06.2024 Course Overview  Course Structure
Renewable Energy Started with 10 seats in 2021 Programme started in 2021 Course Structure 


The Ph.D. program is focused on original and innovative research that can lead to publications in premier journals and conferences. It is the highest level of degree that a student can achieve. Students are required to do some courses in the first few semesters (course work required can vary based on student background), but soon move on completely to research. Many Ph.D. scholars teach students also and many labs are run by them. After completing the program the scholar is capable of understanding significant advancements in Mechanical Engineering. The 1st Ph.D. graduated from the department was in the year 2010 and till date more than 65 research scholars received the Ph.D. degree from the department.