Why ME@NIT Silchar


Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and prime engineering fields. Graduates are well equipped with mathematics and scientific principles to analyze, design, manufacture and maintain devices for all kinds of real-life applications as per societal needs, making them the most demanding and sought technical graduates globally. The departmental research and development focus on the development of technology and technological advances, thereby able to meet the ever-rising global challenges. Mechanical engineering thus provides you enough opportunity to feel proud for contributing the society through technological developments.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of this Institute, right from its inception, has been playing a key role in effective knowledge dissemination through teaching and research. This department, with a perfect blend of highly qualified and experienced faculty members and young yet vibrant and energetic faculty members having expertise in almost all areas under Mechanical engineering, provides an academically vibrant atmosphere where the B.Tech., M.Tech. students with Research scholars share their innovative ideas. The department is housing the Central Workshop as well as different laboratories equipped with sufficient practicing equipment along with highly sophisticated machines/equipment, providing a unique and unparalleled platform for the students and researchers. The outcome of such an environment is very well reflected in the quality research publications of the faculty members with the UG, PG and Ph.D. scholars in reputed National/International Journals and Conferences. The presence of a reasonable number of faculty members in the World’s top 2% of researchers shows the footprint of the department on the global map.

One of the top priorities of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to update the course curriculum on a regular basis with the active involvement of industry, alumni, research organizations and other stakeholders to keep pace with the dynamics of technological advances and sustainable development.

The different mechanical Societies are an integral part of the Department which aims at bringing the best out of the students and helping them refine their skills through various activities with the sole intention of fostering technical, tactical, design &leadership skills. The Society is also involved in active consultancy works for the development and utilization of resources in North-Eastern India. The students are encouraged to actively participate in the development activities undertaken by the Department to incubate them with professional inputs, which would help them to be well-versed with modern industry requirements and to meet the local, national, and global economic and social needs of human society in a self-sustained manner.

Thus, if you are excited by these challenges, Mechanical Engineering at NIT Silchar can be the perfect choice for you.


Life@ME, NIT Silchar

The green and naturally beautiful NIT Silchar campus with a lush-green environment and a number of natural lakes, nourishing a variety of birds and animals with a galaxy of flora and fauna, provides a very cool but vibrant academic atmosphere necessary for grooming the students for their all-round development. The environment of Silchar is quite pleasant having a temperature of a minimum ≈10°C in winter to ≈35°C in summer. The place is blessed with a long rainy season making the environment cool even in hot summer. The Department of Mechanical Engineering in NIT Silchar provides laboratory facilities 24×7 hours for everyone. The people of the department enjoy working very hard in World-class laboratories with high-speed internet facilities and 24×7 power backup. Apart from academics, the students participate in various activities of their choice through different social, cultural as well as sports clubs/societies and they are given enough opportunities to showcase their extra- and co-curricular talents at intra-institute and national/international levels. The Institute is having a number of food courts apart from the hostel facilities are of a good standard with quality food. Social get-together parties, student dine-parties, etc. are frequent activities inside the campus. Reaching Silchar city from anywhere in the world is not at all an issue as it is well connected to the rest of the country through rail and road transportation as well as through regular flights. Overall, Silchar is a very safe place to live in.

Choose wisely, Join ME@NITS and Enjoy your Life in your own way.