Sponsored Projects

Sl. No. Project Title Investigator(s) Funding Agency &  Grant 

Duration Status

1 On establishing an institute of excellence for advanced studies, training and research in mechanical engineering at lead institution IIT Guwahati. NIT Silchar and NERIST Itanagar are the two other participating institutions. Prof. K.M. Pandey AICTE, A nationally coordinated project(Rs. 25 Lakhs) 2009-2012(Completed)
2 Experimental Investigation of Surface Integrity in Electro discharge Machining (EDM) Prof. P.K. Patowari RPS of AICTE(Rs. 20 Lakhs) 2009-2012(Completed)
3 Energy. Quality and Productivity audit of KVIC based industries of Barak Valley of Assam Prof. K.M. Pandey KVIC(Rs. 17.043 Lakhs) 2009-2013(Completed)
4 Extraction of pineapple fibres for making commercial products Prof. K.M. Pandey KVIC(Rs. 15.318 Lakhs) 2009-2013(Completed)
5 Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Lab Prof. R. D. Misra MODROB, AICTE(Rs. 15 Lakhs) 2012-2013(Completed)
6 Heat Transfer Lab Prof. R. D. Misra MODROB, AICTE(Rs. 8 Lakhs) 2012-2013(Completed)
7 Regional Test Centre (RTC)-cum technology back up unit for solar thermal devices at Mechanical Engineering Deptt. of NIT Silchar Dr. A. Biswas MNRE (Rs. 73.861 Lakhs) 2013-2022(Completed)
Prof. R. Misra
8 Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Material Testing Prof. P. K. Patowari, DST-FIST (Rs. 220 Lakhs) 2015–2020(Ongoing)
Dr. S. Bhowmik,
Dr. S. Halder
9 Bamboo bricks/laminates from BMFs (Bamboo Micron Fibres) for low-cost housing structures for North Eastern Himalayan region Dr. Sudipta Halder NMHS (Rs. 49.5 Lakhs) 2019–2021(Completed)
Dr. B. Das
Prof. A. K. Dey
10 Design and Development of a heat pipe embedded solar collector based latent heat storage system for domestic application Dr. Biplab Das SERB (Rs. 27.21 Lakhs) 2017–2021(Completed)
11 Experimental and Computational Analysis of heat sink application for optimal performance by developing low cost natural filler reinforced composite material Dr. S. Bhowmik CPRI (Rs. 22.63 Lakhs) 2017–2019(Completed)
Dr. Biplab Das
12 Design and development of a hybrid photovoltaic thermal (PVT) system for rural application Dr. Biplab Das DST (Rs. 14.6 Lakhs) 2017–2020(Completed)
Dr. Agnimitra Biswas
Dr. Sudipta Halder
13 Development and testing of hybrid solar photovoltaic thermal (PVT) air system for the composite environment of North-East India for tea drying applications Dr. Biplab Das SERB (Rs. 30.3 Lakhs) 2018–2021(Completed)
Dr. Agnimitra Biswas
14 Enabling innovative multiple self heating technology in fibre reinforced composite with unaltered mechanical properties Dr. Sudipta Halder SERB-DST (Rs. 35 Lakhs) 2020–2022(Ongoing)
15 Development and Testing of nano doped hybridized biodiesel as pilot fuel for hydrogen dual fuel operation in CI engine. Dr. Abhishek Paul DST (Rs. 51.85 Lakhs) 2019–2022(Ongoing)
Dr. Biplab Das
Dr. Sumita Debbarma
16 Stochastic multi-scale failure analysis of composites Dr. Sudip Dey  AR&DB (Rs. 11.55 Lakhs) 2019–2022(Ongoing)
Dr. S. Maity
Dr. Arunasis Chakraborty
17 Development and testing of combustion characteristics of nanoparticle embedded biodiesel in an open ECU based dual fuel diesel engine Dr. Sumita Debbarma SERB (Rs. 23.84 Lakhs) 2019–2022(Ongoing)
18 Design and Development of a High Speed Three Dimensional Printer with a Large Range of Micro Motion using a Scanning Projection Stereo-lithography Technique Dr. Yogesh Singh CSIR (Rs. 27 Lakhs) 2020–2023(Ongoing)
19 Design and development of a three-dimensional printer based on shape memory alloy smart actuator and micro stereo-lithography (MSL) technique. Dr. Yogesh Singh SERB (Rs. 30 Lakhs) 2020–2022(Ongoing)
20 Design and development of induction welding system for in situ repair of exit hole defect in friction stir welded sample Dr. Bipul Das SERB (Rs. 29.41 Lakhs) 2020–2022(Ongoing)
21 Investigation of silicon oil based MR damper and biodegradable oil based MR damper for attenuation of the jump phenomena in an unbalanced rotor-motor system. Dr. Alfa Bisoi SERB (Rs. 22.7 Lakhs) 2020–2022(Ongoing)
22 Modeling of nonlinear instability and breakup of viscoelastic planar liquid sheet co-flowing with gases and prediction of size and velocity distribution of resulting droplets Dr. Sujit Nath MATRICS (Rs.6.6 Lakhs) 2020–2023(Ongoing)
23 Development of bamboo bottles and containers using processed bamboo dust in micro and medium scale Dr. Bipul Das Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India(Rs. 8.74 Lakhs) 2021–2022(Ongoing)
24 Utilization of agro waste for development of bio composite materials for home appliances Dr. Sumit Bhowmik KVIC, Govt. of India (Rs.15 Lakhs) 2021–2023(Ongoing)
Prof. S. Bandyopadhyay
25 Design and development of portable low cost induction heating system for bell metal industry of Assam Dr. Bipul Das DST, Govt. of India & ASTEC, Govt. of Assam(Rs. 8 Lakhs) 2021–2023(Ongoing)
Dr. Lalit Chandra Saikia
26 Design and development of bath chair for safe bathing of elderly Dr. Chinamaya K Sahoo TIDE SERB (Rs. 8.19 Lakhs) 2021–2023(Ongoing)
Dr. Yogesh Singh
27 Design and Development of a SMART Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robotic System Dr. Yogesh Singh NewGen IEDC at Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences(Rs. 2.5 Lakhs) 2021–2022(Ongoing)
Dr. Ashish B Deoghare
28 Utilizing-in nozzle impregnation for enhancing the strength of recycled PET based 3D printed continuous fibre reinforced bio-composite (CFRBCs) for load bearing applications Dr. S. Negi SERB(Rs. 19.45 Lakhs) 2021–2022(Ongoing)
29 Investigation of tribo-performance of self-lubricating and self-healing microencapsulated hybrid polymer composites under different sliding conditions Dr. R. N. Gupta SERB (Rs. 29.9 Lakhs) 2022–2024(Ongoing)
30 Harvesting Pico scale water power using zero head modified Savonius water turbine Dr. A. Biswas SERB (Rs. 27 Lakhs) 2022–2025(Ongoing)
Prof. R. D. Misra
31 Design and development of laser micro-welding for difficult to weld dissimilar shape memory alloy/nickel-free high nitrogen austenitic stainless steel and mitigating formation of intermetallics by employing Ta/Cu interlayer for implantable medical devices Dr. S. Sharma SERB (Rs. 30.7 Lakhs) 2022–2025(Ongoing)
32 Development of Zero Backlash Power Transmission Mechanism for Anthropomorphic Robots Dr. Vineet Sahoo (NIT Jamshedpur) India-Serbia Joint Research project(Rs. 22.13 Lakhs) 2022–2025(Ongoing)
Dr. Alfa Bisoi
33 Design and Development of a SMART (shape memory alloy restoration technique) Actuation based Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robotic System Dr. Yogesh Singh DST-SEED-TIDE (Rs. 33.13 Lakhs) 2022–2025(Ongoing)
Dr. M. Mukherjee, CMERI, Durgapur
34 Development of three axes force and torque measurement device for monitoring and control of friction stir welding process) Dr. Bipul Das SERB (Rs. 77.7 Lakhs) 2022–2025(Ongoing)
Dr. Nabanita Adhikary
35 Establishment of Science Technology and Innovation Hub in NIT Silchar, Cachar, Assam, for the socio-economic upliftment of SC/ST population in Assam Dr. Biplab Das DST (Rs. 144 Lakhs) 2022–2025(Ongoing)
Prof. F. A. Talukdar
Dr. Bipul Das
Dr. Risha Mal
Dr. Olympa Baro
Dr. K Shankar
Dr. Ashim Kumar Das
 Dr. Ripon Patgiri
Dr. Avijit Chowdhury
36 Design & Implementation of a hybrid underwater vehicle manipulator (HUVM) for cleaning of  bio-foulings on a submerged pipeline in a sea Dr.Koena Mukherjee DST (Rs. 41.79 Lakhs) 2022–2025(Ongoing)
Dr. Yogesh Singh