Dr. Rajeev Nayan Gupta


Assistant Professor
Phone: +91-8382948157
Email: rajeev[at]mech.nits.ac.in |  rajivnayangupta[at]gmail[dot]com
Date of Joining: 07/11/2019
Academic/Industrial Experience: 5+ years
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  • B.Tech. (GEC Bhopal)
  • M.Tech. (IIT-ISM, Dhanbad)
  • Ph.D. (IIT-BHU, Varanasi),


  • Machine Design
  • Tribology
  • Nanolubrication
  • Surface Engineering
  • Composite Materials
  • Coatings


Dr. Rajeev Nayan Gupta received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Globus Engineering College Bhopal in the year 2010, M.Tech in Maintenance Engineering and Tribology from Indian Institute of Technology (I.S.M.), Dhanbad in the year 2013, and PhD in Machine Design (Tribology) from Indian Institute of Technology (B.H.U.) in the year 2018. Currently, he is working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Silchar, Assam, India. He has four years of research and two year of teaching experience in Mechanical Engineering. His research area is Tribology, Biolubricant, Surface Engineering, composite materials and Coating etc. He has published 14 research papers in different International/National Journals and conferences. He is the life member of Tribology Society of India (TSI) affiliated to U.K. (LM#5753). He is also the reviewer of three International Journals namely Materials Discovery (Elsevier Publication), Industrial Lubrication and Tribology (Emerald Publication) and International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation (Inderscience Publication).


  1. A Manually Operative System for Manufacturing Bottle Using Bamboo Powder (Filed 2023, 2023/02617), South African Patent, International, Inventors: Bipul Das, Rajeev Nayan Gupta, Yogesh Singh, Jasper Ramon, Devjani Devi, Bedanta Kumar Saharia.
  2. StirCart: Powder Filled Cartridge Based Stirring Tool for Additive Manufacturing Applications (Filed2023, 2023/03010), South African Patent, International,  Inventors: Bipul Das, Rajeev Nayan Gupta, Yogesh Singh, Prosun Mandal, Purushottam Kumar Singh, Sunil Kumar D, Santosh Kumar, Jasper Ramon.


Tribology Lab (under development)


  • Rajeev Nayan Gupta, A.P.Harsha, Tej Pratap, “Effect of surface treated calcium-copper-titanate as a lubricant additive in cottonseed oil on tribo-performance in sliding contacts” Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, 2021. Pg-555-563.
  • Rajeev Nayan Gupta, A.P.Harsha, Tej Pratap, “Nanotechnology Driven Interventions in Biolubricant’s Tribology for Sustainability” Green Tribology: Emerging Technologies and Applications, CRC Press, 4 Oct. 2021, Pg 99-128.


  • Mechanics of Composite Materials
  • Machine Design-II
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Principles of Tribology
  • Physical and Chemical Characterization of Materials
  • Condition Monitoring of Manufacturing Processes


  • Tribology Society of India


Secured first rank in College (GEC, Bhopal) in batch 2006-2010.


1. Associate Warden, Boys Hostel-8

2. Faculty In-charge Departmental Library, MED

3. Faculty In-charge Departmental UG/PG/Ph.D. Routine

4. Member: Hostel Seat Allotment Committee


  1. Rajeev Nayan Gupta. Study of pulse electrodeposition parameters for nano YSZ-Ni coatings and its effect on tribological and corrosion characteristics. Applied Nanoscience, 2021, 11(1), 173-185.
  2. Rajeev Nayan Gupta and A.P.Harsha. Tribological study of castor oil with surface modified CuO nanoparticles in boundary lubrication. Industrial Lubrication and Tribology 2018, Vol. 70(4), page 700-710.
  3. Subhashish Dey, G.C.Dhal, Devendra Mohan, Ram Prasad and Rajeev Nayan Gupta. Cobalt doped CuMnOx catalysts for the preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide. Applied Surface Science 2018, Vol 441, page 303–316.
  4. Rajeev Nayan Gupta, A.P.Harsha and Sagar Singh. Tribological study on rapeseed oil with nanoadditives in close contact sliding situation. Applied Nanoscience 2018, Vol. 8, page 567-580.
  5. Rajeev Nayan Gupta and A.P.Harsha. Tribological evaluation of calcium-copper-titanate/cerium oxide based nanolubricants in sliding contact. Lubrication Science 2018, Vol. 30, page 175-187.
  6. Rajeev Nayan Gupta and A.P.Harsha. Friction and wear of nano-additive based biolubricants in steel-steel sliding contacts – A comparative study. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 2018, Vol 27, page 648-658.
  7. Rajeev Nayan Gupta and A.P.Harsha. Antiwear and extreme pressure performance of castor oil with nano additives. Journal of Engineering Tribology 2017, Vol. 232(9), page 1055-1067.
  8. Rajeev Nayan Gupta and A.P.Harsha. Synthesis, characterization and tribological studies of calcium-copper-titanate nanoparticles as a biolubricant additive. Transactions of the ASME, Journal of Tribology 2017, Vol 139(2), page 021801.
  9. Rajeev Nayan Gupta, A.K.Das, Nagahanumaiah and Henal Shah. Pulse electro co-deposited Ni-WC composite coating. Materials and Manufacturing Processes 2016, Vol 31, page 42-47.


  1. Sudhir Kumar, Pallab Sarmah, Rajeev Nayan Gupta. Study of the Tribological Behavior of Aluminium-based Composites Fabricated Through Powder Metallurgy. 4th  International Conference on Recent Advancements in Mechanical Engineering (ICRAME), 03-05 February, 2023 at NIT Silchar.

  2. Sudhir Kumar, Rajeev Nayan Gupta. A Review on Fabrication and Properties of Magnesium Metal Matrix Composite Materials. 3rd  International Conference on Recent Advancements in Mechanical Engineering (ICRAME), 04-06 February, 2022 at NIT Silchar.
  3. Rajeev Nayan Gupta and A.P.Harsha. Antiwear performance of chemically modified sunflower oil with CeO2 nanoparticle as an additive. International Conference on Industrial Tribology (ICIT-2017).
  4. Rajeev Nayan Gupta and A.P.Harsha. Tribological evaluation of calcium-copper-titanate and cerium oxide nano-additives in paraffin oil. World Tribology Conference (WTC-2017). page 65.


  1. Rajeev Nayan Gupta and A.P.Harsha. Antiwear and extreme pressure properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 nanoparticles as biolubricant additive. National conference on Tribology­ Energy, Environment and Efficiency 2016.
  2. Rajeev Nayan Gupta and A.P.Harsha. Tribological study on CeO2 nanoparticles as a biolubricant additive. National Tribology Conference 2016. Proceeding page 29­30.
  3. Rajeev Nayan Gupta and A.P.Harsha. Experimental study on role of Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphate in castor oil. National Tribology Conference 2014. Proceeding page 122-­128.


1. Karyashala on Hands-on Training on the High-End Equipment Related to the Current Emerging Fields of Robotics and Mechatronics” under Abhyaas (Karyashala – High-End Workshops) component of Accelerate Vigyan (AV) Scheme of SERB-DST from 25th July 2023 to 31st July 2023 at NIT Silchar.

2 “A One-Week AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy Faculty Development Program ON 3D PRINTING DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY” at NIT Silchar during 19-23 July 2021.

3. One-week virtual workshop on “Interdisciplinary Approach of Tribology in Engineering and Biomedical Research” during 04-08 August 2020 (Under the support of TEQIP-III).


Act as Organizing Secretary in 4th International Conference on Recent advancements in Mechanical Engineering (ICRAME 2023) at NIT Silchar.


1. Wear

2. Industrial Lubrication and Tribology

3. Materials Today: Proceedings

4. Frontiers in Chemical Engineering

5. Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology

6. Lubrication Science

7. Materials Discovery

8. ASTM International: Materials Performance and Characterization

9. Nanoscale Advances

10. International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation


1. Delivered Expert Talk on Mechanical System Design at Bhagalpur College of Engineering, Bhagalpur, Bihar.

2.  External Examiner for PG Project Evaluation at MIT Peace University, Pune.


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Sudhir Kumar

Sandeep Kumar Pandey



 Composite Materials

Composite Materials




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Prashant Kumar Hadi

Harish Kumar



Tribo-mechanical analysis of AA7570 based hybrid nano-composites

Design and analysis of composite based Connecting Rod