Dr. Sumita Debbarma


Assistant Professor
Phone: +91-9485098488
Email: sumita@mech.nits.ac.in |
Date of Joining: 21-10-2012
Academic Experience: 11+ years
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  • Ph.D.  (from NIT Silchar)
  • M.Tech. (from NIT Agartala)
  • B.Tech. (from  NERIST)


1. 21st Octo., 2012 to till date- worked as Assistant Professor, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Silchar (NIT SILCHAR), Assam, India.

2. 21st Jan., 2011 to 30th June, 2012- worked as Guest Lecturer, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, North Eastern Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST), Deemed University, Itanagar, India.


  • Alternative fuels
  • Nano fuel
  • Hydrogen
  • IC Engines.


  • IC Engine
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Advanced Power Plant Engg.



1. Associate Warden of Girls Hostel No. 2 – 17/05/2013 to 9/04/2015. 

2. Associate Warden of Girls Hostel No. 1 – 01/09/2018 to 23/05/2019.

3. Member, Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) – 26/08/2021 to till date.


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  • Prasant, Roy S., Das B., Debbarma S (2021) Experimental Evaluation of Sand-Based Sensible Energy Storage System. Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering pp 563–572
  • Kanth S., Debbarma S., Jagadish, Das B (2020) Application of MCDM Technique for the Selection of Biodiesel Fuel Blend for Sustainable Motorization. Book Name: Sustainability Modeling in Engineering, p: 337-358. World Scientific, Singapore. (Accepted in press)
  • Debbarma S., Das B., Jagadish (2019) Optimization of performance and emissions parameters of a biodiesel run diesel engine: An integrated MCDM approach. Book Name: Advanced Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Addressing Complex Sustainability Issues, IGI Global, India. 10.4018/978-1-5225-8579-4.ch006




1.  Project titled“Development and testing of combustion characteristics of nanoparticle embedded biodiesel in an open ECUbased dual fuel diesel engine”, sanctioned by DST, SERB, duration 2019-2022, Rs. 23.02 Lakh, (Status-On-going) (Principal Investigator)

2. Project titled: “Development and Testing of nano doped hybridized biodiesel as pilot fuel for hydrogen dual-fuel operation in CI engine”, sanctioned by DST, duration 2019-2022, Rs. 51.5 Lakh, (Status-On-going) (Co-Principal Investigator)



1. Miss. Farhina Ahmed (Reg. No. 22306009) – July 2022 (Supervisor)

2. Miss. Bidisha Chetri (Reg. No. 21-30- 60-31) – July 2021(Supervisor)

3. Mr. Tushar Anand (Reg. No. 22306002) – July 2022 (Supervisor)

4. Mr. Abhishek Bharti (Reg. No. 20-3-02-110) – January 2020 (Supervisor)

5. Mr. Amit Ranjan (Reg. No. 19-3-02-103) – January 2019 (Co-Supervisor)

6. Mr. Benjamin Basker (Reg. no. 18-3-02-128 )- July2018 (Co-Supervisor)


1. Mr. Suryakanth (Reg. no. 18-3-02-110)- (July2018- May 2022) (Supervisor)


Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Title Year Status
1. Subham Chetri  An experimental investigation on CI engine performance and exhaust emissions using biodiesel-CNG dual fuel. 2023 Ongoing
2. Suleman Hussain Barbhuiya Numerical investigation of spray and combustion of gasoline and diesel engine using adaptive mesh refinement 2021 Completed
3. Prasant Design and development of low-cost solar energy storage device for space heating 2020 Completed
4. Sumit Gupta Thermal performance of PCM-assisted heat pipe-based solar energy storage system 2019 Completed
5. Arvind Kumar Biodiesel production from palm oil and the effects of its blends with diesel on the performance, emission, and second law efficiency of C.I engine 2015 Completed